The Commando


The Commando

Class Name

The Tank Class

Average Health



Slow to Moderate



Combat Style

Strong Ranged Combat, Moderate Melee


• High Health
• Can use weapon for both Melee and Ranged Combat


• Inaccurate
• Can be easily outmaneuvered


• Assault Rifle (Ranged Combat)
• Assault Rifle (Melee)


• Bullet (Initial Fire)
• Grenade (Secondary Fire)

An offensive powerhouse; what the Commando lacks in precision and subtlety he makes up for in raw firepower.

Tactical Summary

The Commando comes well equipped for dishing out serious amounts of damage. His weapon is a combination Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher, and few dinosaurs can withstand it for long. The drawback to such a powerful weapon is the amount of recoil, which can be a hindrance to the weapon’s accuracy. This makes the Commando most effective at close to medium range; while further away the bullet spread can be quite significant. When dinosaurs get right up in his face, the Commando is quick to react with a brutal smack of the weapon, which can send some dinosaurs reeling back.

No one is better suited to take on a T-Rex than the Commando. His damage output is devastating, and even his inaccurate shots are likely to hit some part of the large beast. It’s the smaller, faster, agile dinosaurs like the Raptors that the Commando has to worry about.

Weapons and Utility Equipment

This powerful automatic rifle comes with a large ammunition clip and plenty of opportunity to tear your target to shreds. The only drawback is a significant amount of recoil which can make precise accuracy a challenge. Spray and pray is the method of choice.

Secondary Attack (Assault Rifle)
Only someone as well muscled as the Commando would think about fighting a dinosaur with brute strength, and he does. This quick attack with the butt of the rifle doesn’t do a ton of damage, but it can knock the target back and buy some time. Just don’t try this on the T-Rex.

Secondary Fire (Assault Rifle)
This alternate firing mode for the Assault Rifle is the single most devastating weapon in the Mercenary team’s arsenal. The explosion from the Rocket can take out most dinosaurs in one hit, but luckily for them the Commando can only carry a very limited supply of these.

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