Primal Carnage :Extinction is a game in it's early stages (Alpha stage as of winter 2014-2015)
            to be added by someone.


 *It looks better than Primal Carnage.
 *Class choosing system is different.
 *Some classes feel weaker(novaraptor and pathfinder for examples.
 *Some controls have different keys than in Primal Carnage. 
        Probably more to be added

New things

  *parasaurolophus added(as carcass\Dinosaur food) .                      *New classes:Oviraptor,Tupandactylus,Cryolophosaurus.(and Spinosaurus,but not first time as separate).
*New inventory sistem.
*You can change skin in mid-game,as if you choose the same class you respawn with the skin you chose
    Probably more to add



Bruiser:Carnotaurus(Acrocanthosaurus,Possibly in the future,maybe original game or tyrant class)

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