Removed features are skins and cosmetic items that were supposed to or even added to the game, but they were removed later on. Most of them were only plans which were archived. Some of them can still be added back to the game.


Frosty Flamesaw

Frosty Flamesaw

Frosty Flamesaw was a skin to Pyro's Flamesaw. Its textures look like other weapons from Frosty collection: Frosty Dartgun, Frosty AR and Frosty Flaregun. It was removed from the game before the Survival Update.

Przedmioty kosmetyczne

Quilled Thunderstruck

Quilled Thunderstruck

Quilled Thunderstruck was a variant of the Thunderstruck skin for Novaraptor. It was proposed and removed on May 25th 2015.

Classic 2

Sandstorm Dilo

Classic 2 is another classic skin for Dilophosaurus, which was added on trello board for two minutes and removed. It looks like Sandstorm skin. It might be a mistake of an developer, this was propably supposed to be a Sandstorm skin card but someone titled it Classic 2.

Golden shackles

Golden Shackles

Golden shackles are a variant of shackles with golden textures. They were added to the trello board on May 29th 2015 and removed two days later. Golden shackles were items for Dilophosaurus and Novaraptor.

Quilled Oviraptors

Quilled Oviraptor

Quilled Oviraptors were suggested an march 21st 2015. Some users liked it but most players voted against it and the idea was removed later on.


Starter Pack

Starter Packs were tools that propably contained some common skins and cosmetic items. There were two variants: blue for humans and red for dinosaurs.

Human Starter PackDinosaur Starter Pack