• Dinosaurs
  • CarnoCard

Basic info
  • Name meaning
  • Meat Eating Bull
    • Location and lifetime
  • South America
  • Cretaceous, 72 MYA
    • Size and weight
  • 9,8 ft (3 m) height
  • 29 ft (9 m) lenght
  • 20 lbs (2 t) weight

  • Basic data
    • Class
  • Bruiser
    • Health
  • 1000
    • Primary attack
  • Bite
    • Secondary attack
  • Body swipe
    • Roar
  • Ravenous rage

  • Statistics
    • Damage
  • ■■■■■■■□□
    • Durability
  • ■■■■■□□□□
    • Mobility
  • ■■■■■□□□□
  • The Carnotaurus is a playable class in Primal Carnage. Its attacks consist of charging at the enemy and sending them flying. It is said to be satisfying to get a kill while adding a 'ragdoll effect'.


    Carnotauruses are mean. Very, very mean; they will charge a human like a bull to a red rag. A rippling powerhouse of muscle and scales with seemingly no sense of fear or caution, Carnotauruses have the uncanny ability to lay waste to all your carefully laid plans of survival and causing havoc is their specialty. A fully loaded weapon and a fair amount of teamwork is usually required to dispatch with these monsters before they cause the demise of your entire team.

    Carnotauruses were originally selected because they were unstoppable in combat, now you’re tasked with… stopping them.

    Good luck, you’ll need it.


    Carnotaurus run cycle by maccollo-d57zj3h
    Charge: Carnotaurus runs at full speed, lowers its head and destroys anything and anyone in its path. Don’t get in the way.

    Head Swing: A wild and powerful attack, the Carnotaurus uses the power of its entire body to swing its head around, sending people flying.

    Ravenous Rage: For a brief time the Carnotaurus sacrifices the raw damage of its charging horn attack for the chance to take chunks out of enemies as it passes them by, replenishing its strength.


    This dinosaur was originally only known by donators, but since the first character showcase it became known to everyone.


    Primal Carnage - Carnotaurus Gameplay04:11

    Primal Carnage - Carnotaurus Gameplay

    Here is some gameplay of the Carnotaurus. If you like ramming into people, this is the dinosaur for you.

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