The Compsognathus (or "Compy") is a small dinosaur, once planned to be in Primal Carnage, until the Carnotaurus took it's place. When it was first introduced (long before the games first public launch) it was called the "Horde Class" by the developers on a post about it on the official Primal Carnage forums:

It was intended to be played as a single Compy being followed by 15-20 others, and if the particular compy that the player controlled was killed, the player would automatically take


control of another one. It's was also suggested that the player could change their behaviour, having three different options: Defensive, Passive and Aggresive.

The compy also had some planned Pros and Cons and some special abilities, all listed below:


  • Very short, can move undetected behind cover
  • A challenge for humans to target and eliminate the whole horde
  • Provides a great distraction and is adorable


  • Low health
  • Weak attacks unless in large numbers

Climb and Bite: The Compy jumps onto a mercenary and begins to tear into his flesh. This attack will last for a brief duration before the compy falls off, or is knocked off.

Compy Recharge: Allows you to call for additional Compys to join your horde. (2 minute cool down)

Despite the Compsognathus being confirmed to not make an appearance in the game as a playable class there's a mod that allows the player to play as a Compy, as well as a Spinosaurus in all gamemodes. This mod is however soon to be outcoded as the 2.0 Recode Update arrives. It is said though that the Compsognathus will be seen running around some maps as the Recode Update Launches. Apoc, one of LWM's Level Designers, have said that a gamemode based around the little creatures is not completly out of the question though.

You can play as one by writing SetSpawnClass 17 on a no kill server

or it was SetPawnClass 17

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