• Dinosaurs
  • NovaCard

Basic info
  • Latin name
  • Novaraptor (Absolutus and Innatus)
    • Name meaning
  • The New Thief
    • Location and lifetime
  • "Not too distant future"
    • Size and weight
  • 8 ft (2,4 m) tall
  • 20 ft (7 m) long
  • 400-500 lbs (180-200 kg)

  • Basic data
    • Class
  • Predator
    • Health
  • 300
    • Primary attack
  • Claw slash
    • Secondary attack
  • Pounce
    • Roar
  • Frenzy

  • Statistics
    • Damage
  • ■■■■■□□□□
    • Durability
  • ■■■■□□□□□
    • Mobility
  • ■■■■■■□□□
  • Novaraptor are cunning, vicious, stealthy and above all else intelligent pack hunters; they can be your worst nightmare if you don’t prepare for them. Grouping together while coming face to face with a Novaraptor pack is essential to avoid being ambushed or surrounded. They are efficient, capable of dispatching with their victims in a matter of seconds. They are also swift and agile, with an outstanding ability to jump, and can traverse obstacles with ease.

    Novaraptor (New Thief) is an entirely new species of raptor created through advanced genetic techniques. They are stronger and have far more endurance than their unmodified counterparts and as such are far more dangerous. There are currently known to be two variations of Novaraptor on the island, so be extra vigilant. The Feathered Raptor, Novaraptor innatus, is also playable along with the scaly Novaraptor absolutus.



    Bite and Slash: Wounds inflicted by a Novaraptor’s teeth and claws are particularly nasty, they tend to cut deep and it doesn’t take much to outright kill a target.

    Pounce: Novaraptor has the ability to leap at a foe from considerable distances, pinning them to the ground and proceeding to rip them apart. Without assistance death is certain.

    Frenzy: Beware of frenzied Novaraptor as they sacrifice speed for all out attacking power. A frenzied raptor is slow but they will relentlessly attack over and over with tooth and claw in rapid succession. Put it down before it puts you down.