Primal Carnage Spinosaurus 1

The Spinosaurus is a Tyrannosaurus Subclass and it is exclusive to Get To The Chopper. Spinosaurus was accidentally revealed when an incomplete game build was uploaded during the 1.3 update. As a Subclass Spinosaurus has many of the Tyrannosaurus Statistics Bite, Trample, Buff Roar, Inability to access certain areas, making it not too different from Tyrannosaurus except for its crocodile-like jaws, long arms, and its sail. Spinosaurus is often seen fighting T-Rex. In most of these versions the T-Rex wins the fight, though Spinosaurus has won a few times also, though this is rare.

In the sequal, the Spino can be played in any mode and on any stage.


Primal Carnage Spinosaurus 2

Bite: The Spinosaurus can use its jaws to grab an unlucky Human. Like other bite attacks, the Spinosaurus regains health when used.

Swipe: The Spinosaurus can use its claws to swipe at enemies below it. This is currently a Stamina Draining attack with minimal damage and knocks the target back, giving them more time to shoot.

Armor Boost: Roaring makes your teammates physical damage resistance greater for a short time. However, this move has a cooldown.

Trample: Simply walking on your foes flattens them to a pancake after a set amount of damage.