Primal Carnage Trike

Triceratops may be added as a playable class, being the first herbivore to do so

The Triceratops is a dinosaur appearing in Primal Carnage. It has been hinted that the Triceratops may be playable with the addition of vehicles.

Triceratops has gone through a number of design changes and has been well under wraps for quite some time. It appeared in an art concept nearly two years ago, sporting a green hide and a  large beak. Before that the previous Triceratops design (which has gained the name "El Diablo" via forums due to its somewhat demonic apperance) was scrapped. 

There was rumors that Triceratops was intended to be a part of the original release before Compsognathus came into the picture. Triceratops would have been a
Trike 2

"Ol' Demon Face"

Charger class, a title now held by Carnotaurus.

A formidable herbivore and a tough opponent.

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